About us Pasko's Balkan Grill Restaurant in Roses

Pasko’s Balkan Grill Restaurant is the only Traditional Balkan Restaurant specialist to be found in the whole of Spain.

​The History

Since I was little, I’ve been watching the work of my family as they were running a famous traditional Balkan Restaurant in my little town on the east border of Serbia with Rumania. As the time went by, I got more involved in helping them, especially during the summer school holidays and when I needed my pocket money. The destiny then moved me away from culinary world and I’ve completely changed my career path, moved from Yugoslavia to England and got involved with Business and IT Management. Twenty five years later, my family and I decided to move to the warmer parts of Europe. We left England for the north east part of Spain - Catalunya. The Mediterranean Sea, the climate and tasteful, organic meat, fish and produce, once again has waken my buds for Mediterranean and Balkan food from my past and have actually played a major factor in deciding to start a traditional Balkan Restaurant in one of the nicest part of southern Europe, Costa Brava area of Spain. Pasko’s Balkan Grill Restaurant is the only Traditional Balkan Restaurant specialist to be found in the whole of Spain. This Roses Restaurant, which is based in Mas Fumats, Roses, a quiet urbanisation overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, first fired up its custom made charcoal barbeque on 1 June 2006. Pasko’s Balkan Restaurant is a creation of a Serbian family wishing to provide the authentic flavours and warm festive atmosphere of the Balkans to this beautiful part of Costa Brava, Spain, and further.


Today, Restaurant Pasko's Balkan Grill, Roses, Spain is still serving up the famous hearty Balkan homemade barbeque food. The Pasko's Restaurant has been praised far and wide for its great atmosphere, excellent authentic Balkan dishes and superb value for money - a Balkan and Mediterranean dining! Our simple, stylish menu offers freshly prepared tapas, salads and high quality meats barbecued on the charcoal fuelled “Balkan Grill”. Pasko’s Balkan Grill’s specialties include the famous Balkan ćevapčići, pljeskavice and ražnjići as well as other barbeque specialities. The extensive menu also embraces less traditional items, such as steaks and fish… and obviously, the memorable experience of the celebrated Rakia -“Sljivovica” can be savoured in our rustic Balkan restaurant with its easy-going atmosphere. All our dishes are made from scratch using fresh ingredients, sourced from the local suppliers and spices shipped in from the Balkans, providing a Mediterranean diet which many health professionals have touted as being one of the healthiest in the world.

If it’s to believe our worldwide customers, according to the Tripadvisor, Pasko’s Balkan Grill Restaurant is continuously voted as a one of the best restaurants in Roses, Catalonia, Spain.

Our commitment

We try to introduce our dishes objectively to our customers and to satisfy their needs for delicious and highly nutritious and healthy meals. Our aim is that our customers get on their plates a best quality of all our meals. We do not experiment too much with mixing of different ingredients in order to attract with some unusual specialities. Some rules were established in the Balkans long time ago and one needs to respect them. We believe that the high quality produce and ingredients do not need the strong spices or unusual ingredients which would diminish their original quality. For someone our menus might appear to be to "classicy", but the quality has been approved and confirmed over the years by all our customers. For example, we've been serving the same kind of Balkan Burgers, Balkan Čevapćići and Balkan Raznjici over the period of 7 years and we've been always using the same kind of organic meat supplied from the (same, small) family run butchers in Roses. Karadjordjeva Šnicla hasn’t been changed from the kind they tasted years ago, many of our customers often say. We have also introduced some new dishes, but the principle has been the same; to enable our customers to taste the original quality of the produce. Organic vegetables and meats produced naturally and without chemicals. .With the careful selection of all the ingredients of our meals and side dishes we are trying to ease our way toward the customer satisfaction and their respect of our work. At Pasko’s restaurant we don’t try to offer a look of a prestigious restaurant because Pasko’s could not be that. However, as our customers say, the delicious and high quality meals, the sincere and pleasant staff, cleanness and tidiness are all the reasons why they keep coming back. It would be my absolute pleasure knowing that you have visited us and that you are satisfied with our products and by our service.



c\ Espanya 47, Mas Fumats, Roses, Spain



Check our Menus for fresh and mouth-watering Mediterranean and Balkan dishes!


We’re open Monday - Saturday

(Monday to Sunday during July and August)

Please note that even though the restaurant is open 08:00 - 00:00, the kitchen opening time is: from 12:00 - 16:00 and 19:00 - 23:00.
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